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Hosted Anti-Spam Solution.

versCaptcha is more than just a captcha, it's simplicity, beauty, analytics, and auto-block, our automatic suspicious IP blocking system, this not only prevents form submissions, but completely blocks bots from visiting your pages and wasting resources. You don't have to use our blocking system, you can mark them for manually investigation, alert yourself, and much more! Getting started couldn't be easier. Just include our handy PHP file on a page of your site, swap out the API Key, and call a function to render a captcha, and one to verify it. That's the minimum, and it's dead-simple!

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Getting Started

To embed a versCaptcha on your website:
1. Signup, add your website, and copy your API Key.
2. Download the Files.
3. Upload "verscaptcha_functions.php" to your hosting account/server.
4. Anywhere you plan on adding your captcha/processing it, add your API key and include the API functions.

define('versCAPTCHA_KEY', 'YOUR_API_KEY');

5. Where you want to display a captcha, copy-paste the following (replacing tabindex with the correct number):
<?php echo render_captcha(tabindex); ?>

7. Next, copy the following in your form processing PHP:

$errors['captcha'] = "Captcha In-Correct"; //change this to however you handle errors

That's it! It's that easy.

Want to MAXIMIZE versCaptcha's effectiveness?
Run the function "verify_IP();" at the top of all of your pages (after including the functions file, but before displaying any HTML)
IPs that fail to enter the captcha too many times will automatically be redirected to the URL of your choice (defaults to
Don't let spam eat up your precious resources!

Worried about good IPs being blocked?
Never fear! You can quickly/easily whitelist an IP by adding calling the function "whitelist_IP($ip);"


Easy to Enter Do you get frustrated using captchas that require you to enter an obscure string of letters and numbers? With versCaptcha, you just enter a simple number. You can't misspell it, and capitalization is irrelevent.

Easy to Integrate After including our PHP functions file, use our builder to create a captcha that matches your style and needs, then just copy-paste the code provided! Adding versCaptcha to your website, blog, or store couldn't be easier!

Built on PHP versCaptcha is built using PHP, so it's compatible with MANY websites! (We plan on releasing a Wordpress plugin at some point too!).

Track Results versCaptcha lets you see how many times your form is being viewed, how often your captcha protects you from spam, as well as, your conversion rate! If your form is getting a lot of views, but minimal submissions, it might be a good idea to make some changes and track the new results.

Hosted by Us We keep the ips, images, captcha results, and everything else in our database, so there's no need for you to do anything but setup as defined above. If you'd like to receive a copy of our database (to host it yourself), there is a $99 fee and you will be issued a license to use the software/data but not sell/resell it [icons, current IP list, and themes not included].

Secure! Images are displayed in binary to prevent filename identification, we create a new random id for the question each time the form is generated, and won't let it be used twice. Thus preventing many types of captcha hacks. Then there's the image itself which does not contain the answer making a hack 10x harder! We also include a field that's intended to be left blank and invisible. If filled in, you know it's not done by a human! Lastly, we check the time it took to submit the form, if it's less than it would normally take a human, we assume it's spam.

Custom Icons Want a captcha using your logo, or something specific to your business? Let us know! We'll build a custom one for only $29.99!

Custom Question Using the builder, you can determine what you want the question to be. Don't like the phrase "Count the ____: "? Change it to any custom question you prefer!

Custom CSS We include a default layout in the render_captcha() function, however, you can easily manipulate it to match your needs, add/remove divs/spans/etc, add inline styles/classes/ids, and more.

Our Goal

We are committed to making captchas a more user friendly experience that blends into the design of your website. We also have a goal to make that quick question more useful than any other...Every time a versCaptcha is answered in-correctly, we log the IP address of that computer. We rank all suspicious IPs and allow you to deny them access to your site. This decreases the amount of bandwidth wasted on useless visitors, and helps keep your website speedy!


  1. If you happen to make a mistake when copying your api-key or changing our code, our captchas fall back to giving false positives (this way you don't lose customers over it!), so make sure you test it out once or twice before leaving it permanently.
  2. Let your visitors know that you'll be tracking their IP address in your privacy policy! We are not liable for your implementation of our service. We promise all IPs we collect are kept private.
  3. We recommend you "Like" us on Facebook to stay updated in-case we make changes to the service such as upgrades, maintenance downtime, service closure, and/or pricing changes. (although we don't expect any of these to occur)
  4. Like the icons? Check out IconEden for more!

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